These articles and blog posts are essential readings to prepare for the panel.

By us:

Bora Zivkovic:

#sci4hels – ‘Killer’ science journalists of the future ready to take over the world!
Beats vs obsessions, columns vs. blogs, and other angels dancing on pins
Nate Silver and the Ascendance of Expertise
The other kinds of expertise
#sci4hels – the ‘killer’ science journalists of the future want your feedback

Erin Podolak:

The Question of Code
The Question of Code Revisited: I Think I Can, So Can’t I?

Kathleen Raven

Generalists and specialists can coexist

Erin Podolak and Bora Zivkovic:

The SA Incubator: Helping Hatch Science Writers Since July 2011
The SA Incubator, or, why promote young science writers?

By Others:

Nieman Journalism Lab:

Robert Steiner: In Toronto, we’re dumping the j-school model to produce a new kind of reporter
Cindy Royal: Journalism schools need to get better at teaching tech where the girls are
Dan Gillmor: Journalism school should provide an excellent liberal arts education
Sure, journalists need to know digital tools, but they really need to know how to do digital research
Robert Hernandez: Reboot journalism school? Take control of your education instead
Steve Buttry: Students already consume news digital-first; student media should follow suit
Jeff Jarvis: Here’s a blueprint for radical innovation in journalism education
Mindy McAdams: Don’t just teach skills, train young journalists to be lifelong learners
Meredith Artley: Here’s what we look for when we hire young journalists, j-school grads or not
Len Downie: The teaching hospital model works, but it will require drastic change
Geneva Overholser: Keeping journalism, and journalism school, connected to the public
Eric Newton: Journalism schools aren’t changing quickly enough
Brian Boyer: Welcome to Hacker Journalism 101, take your seats
Bill Grueskin: News orgs want journalists who are great at a few things, rather than good at many
Miranda Mulligan: Want to produce hirable grads, journalism schools? Teach them to code

Katie Zhu:

Genius Not Required: Why Anyone Can Learn to Code

Emily Finke:

How to Not be an Expert.